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Terms and Conditions for Courses

1. Price

Prices are subject to change without notice. All orders will be charged at prices prevailing at the date of each order. Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST).

2. Payment of Fees

Unless prior arrangements have been made, course registration will not be confirmed until the course fee has been paid in full. Fees should be paid within 7 days of course registration and can be paid by bank transfer or securely through this site with a credit card.

GST Number: 13–850 925

Bank Account Number: 06 0501 0473033 00

3. Student fee protection policy

As required by the New Zealand Government, Family Planning has placed more than sufficient funds to cover all fees received from individuals over $500 in a static trust held with Public Trust. This means that in the unlikely event Family Planning has to close before the completion of your course, the remainder of your student fees will be protected.

This arrangement has been accepted by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority as meeting the requirements of the Education Act 1989 and the Student Fee Protection Rules 2013.

For any further information on student fee protection please refer to NZQA or Public Trust.

4. Refunds

4.1 Course cancellation by Family Planning

Family Planning reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses if numbers are insufficient or for any other reason at its discretion. A full refund of the course fee will be made if Family Planning cancels a course. In the event of a cancellation you agree that, apart from a full refund of any fees paid, Family Planning is not liable to you for any other costs incurred by you in relation to the cancelled course. Non-attendance does not constitute grounds for a refund.

4.2 Withdrawal or cancellation by student

4.2.1 Courses of two days or less 

Health promotion – Courses for Teachers and Community Workers

A full refund less an administration fee of 10% of the total course fee, will be made for cancellations received in writing more than ten working days prior to the first day of the course. Cancellation less than ten working days prior to the first day of the course, or withdrawal during the course, will incur the full course fee unless exceptional circumstances exist. In such cases you must apply in writing to the Health Promotion Area Manager, or email the Health Promoter in your region and provide appropriate evidence of the exceptional circumstances.

Clinical Training

All fee-paying courses - a refund of 75% of the total course fee will be made for cancellations received in writing more than ten working days prior to the first day of the course.

If notice of cancellation or withdrawal from the course is made between 3 and 10 working days before course commencement a refund of 50% of the total course fee will be made.

There will be no refund of course fees if notice of cancellation or withdrawal is less than 72 hours before course commencement or non-attendance on the day occurs, unless exceptional circumstances exist.

In such cases you must apply in writing to the Manager Professional Training and Development and provide appropriate evidence of the exceptional circumstances.

Substitution of Learners - if a student who was originally accepted for a course is unable to attend, due to exceptional circumstances, a substitute student from the same organisation may be accepted provided Family Planning has been notified in advance and that the student meets all eligibility requirements, pre-requisites and conditions for attendance at the course.

Ministry of Health-funded courses – cancellation or withdrawal less than 72 hours before the course starts will incur an administration fee of $100 payable by the learner. The learner or their sponsor will be invoiced in full for the course cost for non-attendance with no notification.

Failure to pay for a course or non-attendance with no prior notification may result in the learner declined entry to future courses.

4.2.2 Courses greater than two days but under five weeks 

Up to the end of two calendar days of the course commencing, 50 per cent of the amount paid in respect of the course can be refunded. 

4.3 International Students 

The same refund rules detailed above apply to international students including where a visa application is declined. 

4.4 Course closure events 

If any of the following events occur, Family Planning will provide a full refund of course fees in line with 4.1 Course cancellation by Family Planning: 

a. Family Planning (the Provider) is no longer delivering or capable of delivering the course for which students are enrolled;

b. any regulatory closure of the Provider; 

c. insolvency of the Provider; 

d. the Provider ceases to operate or loses its body corporate status; 

e. any cancellation by NZQA of the Provider's registration; 

f. any withdrawal by NZQA of the Provider's accreditation to provide a programme; 

g. any withdrawal by NZQA of the Provider's training scheme approval; or 

h. the Provider ceases to be a signatory to the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016. 

5. Attendance Requirements for Clinical Training

Attendance at all the specified hours of a course and completion of all required assessments and clinical placements, within the specified time period, is required for either a certificate of attendance or certificate of completion of a course. This is the responsibility of the learner and no extensions will be granted unless exceptional circumstances exist. In the case of non-completion of the requirements for the Cervical Smear Takers Course, the National Cervical Screening Unit will be notified.

6. Collection and Use of Your Information

Family Planning undertakes to collect, use and store the information you provide in your course registration according to the principles of the Privacy Act 1993.

The information will be used:

  1. To prepare class rolls
  2. For other course administration and reporting within Family Planning
  3. For NZQA records and audits
  4. To fulfil reporting requirements to funding agencies e.g. Ministry of Health
  5. To advise NZQA / National Screening Register / RNZCGP / Employers of completion or non-completion of any training where appropriate.
  6. To advise students of future courses offered by Family Planning
  7. To enable Family Planning to survey the type and effectiveness of courses to be included in their programmes.

Students are responsible for their own workbooks, course materials and related documents provided by Family Planning. Once a workbook has been assessed, it will be returned to the student. Family Planning may retain copies of completed paperwork for moderation purposes.

7. Copyright Statement

The material on this website is subject to copyright and is owned by New Zealand Family Planning Association Incorporated (“Family Planning”) unless otherwise stated. Where any inconsistency exists between this copyright statement and any copyright statement contained in any document on this website, any such inconsistency shall be resolved in favour of the latter document. Family Planning reserves all rights to the intellectual property on this site. Content may be reproduced only for informational, non-commercial purposes, with the permission of Family Planning and only with a prominent acknowledgment of Family Planning’s rights to the content.


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