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Our clinics can help with contraception, STI testing and treatment, cervical screening, pregnancy testing, abortion advice, PMS, menopause, HPV vaccinations, and advice for other sexual and reproductive health issues. 

People of any age, gender, sexual orientation or nationality can come to our clinics. 

Our services are confidential and non-judgemental.   


We offer expert advice and services to help you with your oranga taihema, your sexual and reproductive health.

This section includes advice on everything from contraception, to STIs, your body, relationships, pregnancy, abortion, sexuality education, and more.


Do you work with rangatahi as a teacher, school nurse or community worker?

Are you a health professional?

Or are you a parent or caregiver looking for support talking to your tamariki about relationships, consent, puberty and sexuality?

We have a huge range of resources available to order, or to download FREE. 


Our courses offer specialised education in sexual and reproductive health to primary health professionals.

We are a registered private training establishment and a recognised provider of clinical training for health professionals.

Our health promoters deliver courses and workshops on all aspects of sexual and reproductive health and relationships.


Our online shop offers a selection of quality condoms and lubes. Shop in privacy and have your items sent right to your door.