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This clinic is closed until further notice. Please make an appointment to see us at Christchurch Clinic or call us to see if you might be able to have your appointment over the phone.

Hornby, Christchurch / Ōtautahi

Call us

(03) 353 7021

Our Hornby Clinic is located inside the Work and Income (WINZ) Building at 25 Shands Road. WINZ has security guards at the door of the building so you will be asked for ID before you enter. 

Physical Location

25 Shands Road, Hornby, Christchurch 8042


Consultation fees are free for New Zealand residents aged under 22 years. If you are a non-New Zealand resident see all fees.

Under 22 Free
Community Services Card $5
No Community Services Card:  
Standard appointment $40
Procedure appointment $50
STI self-test appointment $25

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Our clinics are for all people at all stages of life. Knowing more about our clinics will help you feel comfortable before your appointment.