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Fees and charges

Ngā utu

Our appointments are free for: 

  • New Zealand residents under 22 years.
  • People who are eligible for subsidised health care. 

There may be a charge at the pharmacy if you get a prescription. This could be $5 or more. For some services, like an IUD, you might need to come for more than one appointment. 

Community Services Card Holder

If you have a Community Services Card, your appointment will always be $5. You might also have to pay a $10 dressing fee if you get a contraceptive implant. For some services you might need to have more than one appointment.


If you are eligible for subsidised health care in New Zealand, please remember to bring your documents to your first appointment with us. This means:

  • New Zealand Residents not born in New Zealand - please bring a copy of your residency permit. 
  • If you are in New Zealand on a two-year work visa - please bring a copy of your visa. 

If you don’t bring these documents to your first appointment, you will have to pay Non-Resident fees.

Standard fees

STI self-test appointment

You can take your own STI test at an STI self-test appointment. 


Standard Appointment

Contraceptive pill starts and repeats, Depo Provera injection, cervical screens, STI testing and treatment, help and advice with heavy bleeding, phone consultations.


Procedure Appointment

IUD insertions (hormonal and non-hormonal), contraceptive implant insertions*, minor gynaecological procedures.

* Dressing fee applies for some clients.





HPV Vaccination

This requires three appointments for three vaccinations.


New Zealand residents who start the vaccine before their 27th birthday are eligible for free vaccination.

Appointment cost + cost of each vaccine ($180)

Prices effective from 3 August 2020.

Family Planning has clinics located throughout New Zealand. Use the clinic finder to find your nearest clinic.

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