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World Sexual Health Day 2023

Monday, September 4, 2023


September 4 is World Sexual Health Day! This year’s theme is consent. Consent is critical to good sexual health and healthy relationships throughout our lives. But learning about consent – and practicing it – starts much earlier than our first intimate relationships. Consent is something that should be part of conversations with children and young people about things like friendships, sharing toys, hugging, and sharing space.  

Consent is part of relationships and sexuality education, which is part of the New Zealand Curriculum taught in years 1-10.  

Consent education spans a range of age-appropriate topics, from caring for others and being a good friend in years 1-2 to identifying healthy and unhealthy relationships in years 9-10. Across all year levels is an emphasis for students on understanding that their body is their own. 

You can see more about what is taught about consent at each year level in this interactive topic road map. 

Learn more about relationships and sexuality education, and how it promotes healthy, safe, consensual relationships. 

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