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Funded Prescriptions Free to Collect

Thursday, June 29, 2023

National News

From 1 July 2023, your funded prescriptions will be free to collect. This applies to residents of Aotearoa New Zealand, or those eligible for free healthcare.

Many prescriptions written by Family Planning nurses and doctors are funded. You might be used to paying a $5 charge for funded prescriptions. From 1 July 2023, you will not have to pay that $5 charge.

You can collect your Early Medical Abortion (EMA) prescription for free from 1 July 2023. EMA medicine can also be delivered to your home — for free — by courier.

For more information about abortion services in Aotearoa New Zealand visit DECIDE, the National Abortion Telehealth Service, at

Unfortunately, not all prescriptions are funded.

For example: the progesterone-only contraceptive pill Cerazette is one prescription that will not be free to collect. If you use Cerazette, you will have to pay about $45-$50 for a three-month supply. Other progesterone-only contraceptive pills, such as Noriday and Microlut, are funded, and will be free to collect.

Your prescribing nurse, doctor, or pharmacist can let you know whether your prescription is, or is not, funded. You can also check the Pharmaceutical Schedule for lists of funded medicines.


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