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New RSE resources welcome

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

National News

Family Planning welcomes the release of new relationship and sexuality education (RSE) resources from the Ministry of Education.

It is important that schools, teachers and young people are supported with high quality RSE teaching and learning resources.   

We welcome resources that support teachers to effectively teach Relationship and Sexuality Education, and which help to create safe and inclusive environments for all children and young people.

Relationships and sexuality education is essential for the wellbeing of young people and children and the development of healthy, consensual and respectful relationships. Family Planning fully support resources that help teachers do this important work.

Family Planning is a significant contributor to RSE education in New Zealand with more than 30 per cent of New Zealand schools using Family Planning curriculum-aligned Navigating the Journey resources (for year levels from year 1 to year 10). The Navigating the Journey resources support teachers to deliver comprehensive age-appropriate RSE in schools. It aims to support positive learning environments, student’s sense of identity, safe and respectful relationships, growing and changing, and staying safe.

The RSE curriculum, guidelines and resources have all been refreshed in the last few years and curriculum leads introduced across all subjects, including RSE. Family Planning welcomes these developments  and believes that prioritising professional development for teachers is crucial in the delivery of comprehensive and effective sexuality education, which includes content on pornography, consent and media literacy.

Teachers need time and support to effectively teach high-quality and comprehensive relationships and sexuality education. The new resources, are an important further step in this work and investing in their promotion and implementation is important.

Look at the relationship and sexuality education resources on the Family Planning website. 

Look at the relationship and sexuality education resources on the Ministry of Education website. 

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