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Information for clients - pill supply

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

National News

New Zealand is about to experience a supply issue with some contraceptive pills. If you are taking Brevinor-1, Norimin, Brevinor or Necon – you need to know that the supply of these pills is about to run out. New stocks are not expected to be available until February 2021.

This means we will not be able to prescribe these pills for you. And, if you already have a prescription for one of these pills, your pharmacy will not be able to fill your prescription for you.

If you have a supply of these pills, keep taking them as you would usually.

If you are due for a repeat of one of these pills, you need to:

  • Ring the clinic to talk about your options. You may be able to use another pill type while the supply is disrupted.
  • You may also want to think about a different contraception type – such as the injection or an IUD (with hormones or without).

If you have already been given a prescription and the pharmacist is not able to fill it, you need to:

  • Call the clinic back and ask for advice about next steps.
  • You may need a phone appointment to get a prescription for a different pill.

We will keep updating this page with new information about pill supply – please check back regularly.

Read more about the supply issues on the PHARMAC website.

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