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Resources for young people with learning or intellectual disabilities

Sunday, December 3, 2017


Sexuality education is important for any child or young person.

For people with intellectual disabilities, this is no different; they will go through puberty which will affect them emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually. Many will also go on to become sexually active.

Preparing them to understand and manage the changes to come supports them to lead happy, safe and healthy lives.

Family Planning has a range of resources that can guide parents, caregivers, family members, teachers and carers to give the young person in their lives the tools and information to navigate their sexual development.


Below is a list of Family Planning resources - some are suitable for someone to read on their own, and others are best read with support of family, teachers, carers or caregivers.

These resources can be downloaded free from our website, or ordered from our online shop.

All About Growing Up

This booklet has been developed for young people with a mild to moderate intellectual disability.

It contains information and activities for families to use with young people about the emotional, physical and social aspects of puberty.

It also looks at public and private behaviour.

Download for free from our web shop.

Safe Relationships, Safer Sex

This booklet is for people with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. The content should be read and discussed with the young person.

It covers the body, public and private places, different types of relationships, safer sex and decision-making.

Download for free from our web shop.

The Colours of Sexuality

The Colours of Sexuality is an electronic resource for teachers working with secondary school students with learning disabilities.

It helps students understand that puberty and sexuality are normal parts of becoming an adult.

The resource includes information and a range of activities on building friendships, managing emotions, public/private body parts, appropriate touch, assertive communication and positive decision-making.

This is available as a downloadable PDF from our web shop for $5

Just for Women series

Family Planning has two clinical pamphlets about contraception and cervical smear tests that use plain language and are designed for people with learning and intellectual disabilities.

Just for Women: Contraceptives
Just for Women: Smear Tests


They can be downloaded free from our website, or ordered from our online shop for $0.60.


Family Planning also offers some courses to support teachers, carers, teacher aides and occupational therapists who work with young people or adults with intellectual disabilities. Check out our website for more information.

Family Planning has clinics located throughout New Zealand. Use the clinic finder to find your nearest clinic.

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