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LARCs a great option for most women

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

National News

Long acting reversible contraception is the most effective reversible contraception for most women – including those who haven’t given birth and sexually active adolescents.

We’ve been saying this for a while and are welcoming an updated opinion from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) that long acting reversible contraception (LARCSs) should be available for and offered to all appropriate patients.

"ACOG has long recommended LARC as the most effective reversible contraceptive option for most women, including those who have not given birth and adolescents who are sexually active. We continually see more and more data to support and strengthen our recommendations at the same time that more LARC options are becoming available."

ACOG’s statement says that additional benefits include the fact that LARCs are reversible and women’s fertility returns soon after they stop using them. And, there are few reasons why most women cannot use them.

Our National Medical Advisor Dr Christine Roke says we have been advocating for LARCs for quite some time because they are so highly effective with failure rates of one per cent or less per year.

“Essentially these options mean there’s little or nothing for women to do – the devices can stay in place for a long time and remove user error – such as forgetting to take the contraceptive pill each day,” Dr Roke says.

“The recent statement from ACOG confirms how effective these options are and that as nurses and doctors we should be discussing them with all our clients.”

In New Zealand there are four available LARCs. The Copper IUD is fully subsidised so the woman only pays for the cost of her clinic visit. This IUD can stay in place for up to ten years.

The Jadelle implant is also fully subsidised. Women choosing this option will need to pay for the cost of their clinic visit and a small dressing fee.

Neither the Mirena IUS nor the Jaydess are subsidised so there is a cost for both. Women can use a Mirena IUS for up to five years and a Jaydess IUD for up to three years.

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