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IDAHO a perfect time to deliver new resource

Thursday, May 16, 2013

National News

We have just released a new resource for young women thinking about their sexual identity.

Our Director Health Promotion Frances Bird says the resource, called Finding Yourself, was developed specifically for teenage young women who are thinking about their sexual orientation and identity.

"We think IDAHO, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia which is acknowledged internationally on 17 May each year, is a perfect opportunity to highlight Finding Yourself, which further adds to the resources and programmes we have developed which look at diversity issues and help provide young people with non-judgemental and supportive information,” Ms Bird says.

We know young people who are same-sex attracted experience bullying, alienation and poorer health than their opposite-attracted peers.

It is important young women get honest information from a reliable source that supports them to work out who they are.

The need for a resource such as this was identified by school counsellors who were dealing with young women coming to them with questions about understanding their sexuality.

The resource was thoroughly tested and reviewed by groups of young same-sex attracted women from across New Zealand.

The resource, which can be ordered or downloaded from our website at no cost, covers issues such as names and labels, coming out, meeting people and dealing with the negative stuff. It also includes some useful websites where young people can access quality information.

Ms Bird says the new resource adds to a range of information the organisation has developed such as:

  • Keeping it Safe – a sexual and reproductive health guide for same sex attracted women
  • Affirming Diversity – an education resource on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Download Finding Yourself
Order printed copies of Finding Yourself from our online shop (bulk orders only)"

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