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Phone Clinic / Ngā kōrero ā-waea

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Make an appointment to talk to a Family Planning nurse in our phone clinic.

The phone clinic is just like having an appointment in a clinic. At a phone clinic we can help with: 

  • contraceptive pill repeats
  • progestogen only pill (mini pill) starts
  • emergency contraception ECP
  • condom prescriptions
  • some STI treatment
  • pre-IUD and pre-Mirena appointments
  • discussion about contraception options

Use the Ask for an Appointment button above and we’ll call you back.

Physical Location

This is a phone clinic - we'll call you.


All of the following services are currently available at this clinic.


Consultation fees are free for New Zealand residents aged under 22 years. If you are a non-New Zealand resident see all fees.

Under 22 Free
Community Services Card $5
No Community Services Card:  
Standard appointment $40
Procedure appointment $50
STI self-test appointment $25

At our clinics

Our clinics are for all people at all stages of life. Knowing more about our clinics will help you feel comfortable before your appointment.