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Fees and Charges Non-NZ Residents

Ngā utu mā te hunga nō rāwāhi

This page shows the fees charged at our clinics for non-New Zealand residents. 

If you are looking for New Zealand resident fees, click here.


If you are not a New Zealand resident, you are welcome to use our services. But, you will have to pay non-resident fees.

If you have a two-year work visa, you might be eligible for the same fees as New Zealand residents. To see if this is possible, bring a copy of your visa to the clinic and show it to our staff before your first appointment.  Our staff will be able to tell you if you qualify for the New Zealand resident fees or not.

Remember, if staff haven’t seen your visa, you will be charged the higher non-resident fees.  

Find out how much an appointment will cost you, and if there will be any other charges for your contraception.

Appointment fees



Procedure Appointment


Other Charges

Prescription charge for most items Cost of the medication – this varies between pharmacies*
STI Test Cost of appointment ($120) + cost of test**
Pregnancy Test  Cost of appointment ($120) 
Depo Provera Injection   Cost of appointment ($120) + cost of Depo Provera***
Intra Uterine Device (IUD)
Pre-IUD appointment
IUD Insertion appointment

Appointment ($120) + cost of tests**
Procedure appointment ($150) + cost of IUD***
Intra Uterine System (IUS)
Pre-IUS appointment
IUS Insertion appointment
Appointment ($120) + cost of tests**
Procedure appointment ($150) + cost of IUD***
 Contraceptive Implant
Pre-Implant appointment
Implant insertion/removal

Appointment ($120)
Procedure appointment ($150) + cost of Implant*** + supplies ($15.00)
Cervical Smear Test Appointment ($120) + cost of test**
HPV Vaccination
This requires three visits, for three vaccinations.
Total cost for the three vaccinations

Cost of each appointment ($120) +  cost of each vaccine ($180)



Please note: The HPV vaccine is free for non-New Zealand residents who are under 18 and are living in New Zealand for longer than 9 months. Appointment costs still apply. Non-New Zealand residents aged 18 years or older are not eligible to receive the free HPV vaccine.

*The pharmacy might charge you a 'fax fee', which can range from $3.00 to $10.00.

** Payment is needed in full, before lab samples can be processed. You might be asked to take the STI or cervical smear test sample to a testing centre.

*** Supplies such as IUD, Implant and Depo Provera Injection require a prescription from a pharmacy. Payment is needed in full for the prescription to be collected. Costs may vary between pharmacies.

****There are two IUS available – Mirena ($340) or Jaydess ($275). Your nurse or doctor will help you decide which device is best for you.

Prices effective from 1 July 2019

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