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Fees and Charges Non-NZ Residents

Ngā utu mā te hunga nō rāwāhi

This page shows the fees charged at our clinics for non-New Zealand residents. These fees will apply from Monday 3 August 2020. 

Anyone can come to a Family Planning Clinic, but if you are not a New Zealand Resident, you will have to pay non-resident fees. 

There are two appointment types. 



Procedure appointment


Other Charges

Prescription charge for most items Cost of the medication – this varies between pharmacies*
STI Test Appointment ($140) + cost of test
Pregnancy Test  Appointment ($140) 
Depo Provera Injection  Appointment ($140) + cost of Depo Provera
Intra Uterine Device (IUD) - hormonal and non-hormonal
Pre-IUD appointment
IUD Insertion appointment

Appointment ($140) + cost of tests
Appointment ($170) + cost of IUD

Pre-Implant appointment
Implant insertion/removal

Appointment ($140)

Appointment ($170) + cost of Implant

Cervical Smear Test Appointment ($140) + cost of test
HPV Vaccination
This requires three visits, for three vaccinations.
Total cost for the three vaccinations

Appointment ($140) +  cost of each vaccine ($180)



Prices effective from 3 August 2020

Family Planning has clinics located throughout New Zealand. Use the clinic finder to find your nearest clinic.