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Drop-in clinics

Te kuhu noa mai

Drop-in clinics are for when you need to see us really quickly, but you don’t have an appointment.

What is a drop-in Clinic?

If you visit a Family Planning clinic during our drop-in times, you won’t have an appointment so you’ll go in the queue to see the nurse who is working in the drop-in clinic.  

We run drop-in clinics on a first in, first seen basis, but if you need emergency contraception be sure to let our receptionist know.

Waiting times can be long 

Try to arrive as close to the start of the drop-in clinic as possible.

It may take a while to see everyone who has come to the drop-in and sometimes we may not be able to see everyone if the clinic is really busy.  

If you don’t have time to wait, it may be best to make an appointment for a time that suits you.

The receptionist will tell you as soon as possible if you will not be seen that day and will offer to book you an appointment or will tell you about the next drop-in clinic.

Hours for drop-in clinics

Our drop-in times can change and sometimes they can be different from what it says on the website.  It is a good idea to call and check that the drop-in clinic is running at the times you think.

You can find your local clinic and drop-in times here.

Services available at drop-in clinic clinics

Not all of our services are available at a drop-in clinic. Please check with the clinic to see which services are available.

Family Planning has clinics located throughout New Zealand. Use the clinic finder to find your nearest clinic.

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