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Female, male and intersex

Sex is usually seen as being about bodies, genetics and chromosomes.

For example, someone with a vulva, vagina, uterus and XX chromosomes is generally female.

Someone with a penis, testicles and XY chromosomes is generally male.

Someone can be intersex/have an intersex variation due to a variation within their chromosomes, hormones and/or their reproductive organs. It's more common than people think. Intersex variations show up in approx. 1/7 - 2.3% of the population. That's the same amount of people with naturally curly hair! 

Find out more on Intersex Aotearoa's website.

Download Intersex Aotearoa's 'Your Child is a Taonga' resource (support guide for parents and whānau of intersex rangatahi) (PDF, 3 MB).

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