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Young people and access to services

Family Planning believes that all young people have a right to free, confidential sexual and reproductive health services, information and relationships and sexuality education.

Family Planning believes that sexuality is a part of human life and young people have a right to safely explore and enjoy their sexuality. We believe that young people should be supported to live free from discrimination, abuse and coersion.

Young people should be prepared with knowledge, skills, an awareness of their own values, and access to services before they need it, so they can make positive informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health and be healthy and safe.

As young people develop, they increasingly gain independence from parents, caregivers and whānau and take on greater responsibility for their own decisions. Young people in New Zealand have a right to get reproductive and sexual health care that’s easily accessible and where they are able to understand the choices before them, including the risks and benefits.

Family Planning supports young people to seek support from their parents, caregivers and whānau. We have clear guidelines and rules to follow where a health practitioner is concerned about the safety and well-being of a young person, and/or where a young person is not able to make health care decisions in their own best interest.  We understand there are situations where seeking support from parents, caregivers or whānau could be unsafe and receiving support from another trusted adult is appropriate.

Family Planning is committed to improving the sexual and reproductive health of young people in New Zealand. Across the organisation we work to make sure all young people get the reproductive and sexual health services they need and all students in New Zealand schools receive valuable, inclusive relationships and sexuality education.


Family Planning has clinics located throughout New Zealand. Use the clinic finder to find your nearest clinic.