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Clinic Fees

Family Planning Clinic Consultation Fees

New Zealand Resident
Under 22 (21 years and under) FREE
With Community Services Card (22 years or over) $5.00
Without Community Services Card (22 years or over) $23.00
IUS fit: normal consultation fee plus cost of device/materials $*
Implant insertion/removal: normal consultation fee plus cost of device/materials $*
Non New Zealand Residents
Standard appointment $46.00
Short appointment $36.00
Long appointment $67.00
IUS fit: plus cost of device/materials $92.00
Implant insertion/removal: normal consultation fee plus cost of device/materials $92.00

Please note:

  • Our consultation fees are free for New Zealand residents aged under 22 years. We want to keep them that way. If you can’t make your appointment please cancel. Not turning up puts this funding at risk.
  • The New Zealand resident consultation fee includes treatments such as contraceptive advice, STI checks, cervical screening and pregnancy tests.
  • Non New Zealand residents may be subject to further costs.
  • $* = Please enquire for full details of costs.

Other Fees

Prescription Fees
Prescription fees are $5.00.

Condoms are available to Family Planning clients on prescription for the standard prescription fee of $5.00 (12 condoms per pack, multiple packs available), plus any applicable consultation charge.

Long-term contraception
Women seeking long-term contraception options might also consider seeking Family Planning advice on a Mirena IUS (intra-uterine system) which is available at a cost of $333 or a Jadelle implant, which provides five years of contraceptive protection. Talk with your nurse or doctor about availability. Some associated costs may apply.
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HPV vaccine
Some Family Planning clinics also offer clients the HPV vaccine which provides protection against the two most common forms of cervical cancer. The three-injection vaccine costs $462.00 ($154.00 for each vaccination) plus a $46 consultation fee for each vaccination.

If you are a New Zealand Resident and under 20, contact your Family Planning clinic as you may be entitled to get the three injections for free.  If you are a non-resident, please contact your nearest clinic to discuss your options.  
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Family Planning doctors in some locations are also able to provide vasectomies.  Check with your local clinic regarding this service and costs.
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