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Health Information and Issues


Sexual health information

Sexual health is important to our physical and emotional well-being. Find up-to-date, New Zealand-focussed, medically accurate information to help you better understand your sexual health, including links to other organisations and other sources of information.
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Information for parents and caregivers

Talking about sex and health with children is not always easy. This information will assist you as a parent or caregiver to inform and help your child to develop the attitudes and skills she or he needs to become a healthy, happy and sexually responsible adult.
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Family Planning resources

Family Planning is New Zealand’s largest producer of sexuality and relationships resources. We develop resources for health professionals, teachers, young people, adults, parents and carers, and people with learning disabilities. A range of pamphlets and booklets on various topics are free of charge and can be downloaded or ordered online. All our other resources can be purchased or ordered online.
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Family Planning library

Our library at our National Office in Wellington has a specialised collection of over 2000 national and international books, reports, periodicals and vertical files. The collection covers a wide range of sexual and reproductive health subjects. 
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Other websites

A range of other organisations and websites offer important information for everybody. There are also specific websites targeting young people and women.