Fees and charges

This page shows the fees charged at our clinics. Consultations are free for New Zealand residents under 22 years.

New Zealand Residents and People Eligible for Subsidised Health Care

Our consultations are free for New Zealand residents aged under 22 years. We want to keep them that way.

If you can’t make your appointment please let us know so someone else can have that appointment time.

If  you are a New Zealand resident but were not born here, please bring a copy of your residency permit to your first appointment, otherwise non-resident charges could apply. 

Under 22 years FREE
Community Services Card Holder $5.00
No Community Services Card $27.00
Prescription charge for some items $5.00
Pregnancy test (positive) FREE

Pregnancy test (negative)

Community Services Card holder 

No Community Services Card 

Under 22 - FREE 



Repeat prescription fee (without consultation) $20.00


Intrauterine System (IUS)  Consultation + cost of device*
Implant supplies  $17.00 
Pre-vasectomy consultation  $71.00
Vasectomy deposit $52.00**
Vasectomy operation $314.00
Total vasectomy cost $385.00

 *There are two IUS available – Mirena ($340.00) or Jaydess ($275.00). Your nurse or doctor will help you decide which device is best for you. Women with some medical conditions will be able to get the Mirena at no cost.  

**Deposit is deducted from operation fee. Deposit is non-refundable if operation cancelled with less than 48 hours warning.

Non-New Zealand Residents

If you have a work visa that entitles you to remain in New Zealand for two years or more then you may be eligible for publicly funded health services. If you are a non-New Zealand resident, please bring a copy of your visa/passport with you.

Consultation  $50.00
Long Consultation $71.00
Pre-IUD consultation $71.00 + cost of swabs***
IUD Insertion consultation $96.00 + cost of IUD****
Pre Implant Consultation $50.00
Implant insertion/removal $96.00 + cost of Implant** + supplies
Dressing costs $17.00
Depo Provera Injection $50.00 + cost of Depo Provera**
Implanon Implants Not readily available. Price may vary.

*** Swabs are taken by client to a testing centre who need full payment before swabs can be processed.

**** Supplies such as IUD, Implant and Depo Provera Injection require a prescription to be taken to a pharmacy. Payment in full is needed for the prescription to be collected. Costs may vary between pharmacies.

HPV Vaccination

Requires three visits and three vaccinations.

New Zealand Residents who start the vaccine before their 20th birthday are eligible for free vaccination.

For non-New Zealand Residents and those who do not meet the eligibility criteria:

Each visit $50.00 + cost of vaccine
Cost of vaccination $154.00
Total cost course of three vaccinations $612.00


Prices effective from 9 March 2015.

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