Trichomoniasis or “trike” is a sexually transmissible infection (STI). This page outlines the symptoms and treatment for trichomoniasis.

What is it?

Trichomoniasis is a protozoal infection of the male and female genital area often called “trike”.

How do you get it?

You can get trichomoniasis through unprotected (no condom) sexual intercourse with someone who has the infection.

What are the symptoms?

There may be no symptoms.

For women:

  • smelly vaginal discharge
  • itching and irritation around the vagina and vulva.

For men:

  • pain when urinating
  • discharge from the penis.

How is it treated?

Trichomoniasis is treated with an antibiotic.

Will this impact my partner/s?

Sex should be avoided until you and your partner/s have had treatment. If you do have sex you must use a condom/pukoro ure or oral dam.

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