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2011 was an exciting year for Family Planning as we celebrated our 75th anniversary.

Family Planning began in 1936 to help women choose the size of their families and the spacing of their children.

As the needs of New Zealanders have changed over generations, so have the services we offer, and the issues with which we are involved.

Read through our history decade by decade by clicking on the decade in the left menu.

A history of Family Planning, "Rocking the Cradle, Contraception, Sex and Politics in New Zealand" written by Helen Smyth was published in 2000. 

Today, Family Planning continues to take care of present and future generations - tiakina tou whakapapa.

We promote a positive view of sexuality and enable people to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health and well-being.

We believe children should be by choice - not chance or coercion, and that every child should be a wanted child.